Who Are We
Brook was set up eleven years ago and born out of a once off request to run a BBQ event on behalf of a client! We are now primarily a food service business although we still manage some very impressive events on behalf of some long standing clients. Kieran set up the business along with Liam and Tim in 2007 but since then we’ve grown up a lot and 300 of us now make the happiness happen. Kieran’s the MD and along with Paula in Finance, Anthony in Operations and Mark in Commercial, they make up the senior team.
What We Do
We’re in the happiness business. We believe in helping our clients strengthen their relationship with the people most important to them; be they our client’s employees or guests invited to an event which our clients are hosting. We are very much the facilitators of great relationships and we just happen to use the language of fabulous food to make these connections even more flavoursome. You’ll often hear people talk about staff canteens and cafeterias in this industry but we prefer to call them employee restaurants. In truth, a restaurant experience is a much more accurate reflection of the food service we deliver to our clients. At the moment, we manage 26 different employee restaurants across a variety of industries in addition to a few very impressive client events.
Where We Are Based
The first global headquarters (the one and only office at the time!) was above a gastropub in Glanmire, although the team quickly outgrew those offices and have since moved to a much larger space in Blackpool, north Cork. Once upon a time, the majority of our business was in Cork. However, we now have a national footprint with significant clients in Cork, Limerick, Athlone, Kilkenny and a second office in Dublin.
Meet the Team

Kieran Callinan
Managing Director / Board Member

Paula Murphy
Finance Director / Board Member

Mark Lee
Chief Operations Manager

Anthony Savage
Director of Operations

Elaine Hill
HR, Training & Development Manager

Ken Crowley
Cullinary Operations Support

Una McGlynn
Events & Development Co-Ordinator

Rose McHugh
Chairman / Board Member

Tim McCarthy
Director / Board Member

Liam Murphy
Director / Board Member
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