We Feed People Happy
At Brook, we’re not fans of corporate catering; it’s such a generic term and we’re anything but generic. We’re a team of 300 foodie souls who believe in being different and not just saying we’re different. We believe in using the language of fabulous food to help you connect with the people most important to you. We’re Irish and by industry standards, we’re not ginormous but we prefer it this way and our clients do too. It means we can be super nimble and flex all aspects of our business to suit our clients needs. And we’re a happy bunch: we love to create great food that brings a smile to every table we serve. Isn’t it that simple?
On Tuesday September 25th we won the Site Contract Caterer of the Year Award at the annual Gold Medal Awards held in Lyrath Estate. Again! We also won it last year. It’s always nice to defend your title and even more satisfying to be recognised as the best in Ireland. Our submission was all about the Eat Smart programme we’ve rolled out in Regeneron, Limerick. If you’d like to hear more about Eat Smart…
Eat Well – Keep Moving
Promoting daily healthy food choices to thousands of workers nationwide.

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