What’s In Season For September?

Which Foods Are in Season Right Now?
Tis the season for squelchy woodland walks, woolly jumpers, laced up boots, blackberry picking, tasty pies and mugs of hot chocolate. But what ingredients should you be cooking with now? September is full of nature’s bounty and with the change in weather comes a whole new plethora or seasonal treasures! Feast your eyes on our top picks for September goodies….

Blackberry season is upon us and with it comes the bonus of gathering the troops and hitting the country lanes to strip the brambles of their bounty. Coming home with purple stained fingers and lips from relentless picking which admittedly followed a strategy of ‘’one for me, one for the basket’’ only to pour the loot into one communal bowl and think – what to do with all of this? Unlike other flavours, blackberry pies, crumbles and jams seem to be seasonally restricted. While apple pie is available year-round – blackberry pie is not. Let’s get out there, get the welly boots on, and get baking.

Apples have a season?! Yep, contrary to the impression supermarkets give us, apples have a 6-month season starting in September. So get thee to thy local farmers market and pick up the most flavoursome apples money can buy! Supermarkets keep their apples in freezers year-round, so you really don’t know when that Pink Lady courtesy of Tesco’s 49c deal was picked. Our favourite apples right now? The Cox Orange Pippin with a beautifully intense “’apple-y’’ flavour.

Another sweet purple staining beauty. Beetroot is simply loaded with nutrients, including a dense concentration of antioxidants, folic acid, magnesium and potassium (great post-workout food actually!). Whack it into a berry smoothie if you love the colour but hate the taste. Alternatively, you could make our beetroot and walnut pesto, which you can find by clicking here (hyperlink to recipe blog).

Broccoli is another veggie that most people don’t realise has a season. Try simply stir-frying in a little garlic and soy sauce for a tasty side or mash up with some potato and cheddar cheese to make tasty broccoli potato tots. Broccoli is loaded with goodness and is surprisingly high in protein – a great source for veggies and vegans alike!

Leeks make the most fantastic base for a soup or stew! Get them fresh and sweat them down with a little butter and salt to have on toast – amazing! Leeks are a good source of vitamin K, which new research shows we don’t get nearly enough of! It’s also good for iron, magnesium and folate, all of which are very important nutrients, especially for females!