What does it mean to Feed People Happy?

Why Feeding Your Employees Happy is so important?
We shout it loud and proud, so you have probably heard it by now, but the Brook message is simple – we feed people happy! Why is it so important to make sure you feed your employees happy? Simply put, happy employees mean better productivity, fewer sick days, happier work environment and just better business all round don’t you think? It’s a bit of a no brainer if you don’t mind us saying so.

But what exactly does it mean to ‘feed people happy’? Well for Brook, there are several ways to ‘Feed People Happy’.
First and foremost, there’s the feeling of joy that results from eating a dish that exceeds your sensory expectations. Then there’s the satisfaction and nourishment felt when you finish a good quality, nutritious meal (having previously been far too hungry to function like a normal human being).
Then there is the excitement created when you try something new for the first time – and love it! There’s the wonder and amusement felt when watching someone expertly create a meal from scratch in front of your very eyes. Not to forget the feeling of social responsibility and pride experienced when you know the food you have chosen to eat has provenance and that by selecting these foods, you are helping small Irish business get another step up on the ladder.

Science will give a far less emotive definition of what it means to feed people happy. From a scientific point of view, happiness is all down to the neurotransmitters in our brains, more specifically serotonin. We could put healthy neurotransmitter production and functionality down to one or two single nutrients but in reality – healthy body function comes down to good overall nutritional balance. That’s why we focus on good all-round nutrition rather than diets around one single nutrient, like low fat or high protein. Our meals are made with the highest quality ingredients, they are constantly changing and our fruit, veg and meat are sourced locally to minimise the loss of nutrients from farm to fork. Sourcing local is also great for reducing our carbon footprint!

Our Promise
At Brook we promise to exceed your sensory expectations, to fill your belly with warmth, excite you with our innovative dishes, and wherever possible bring you the best quality, locally sourced Irish ingredients. We promise to provide you with a space where you can eat with friends and co-workers, creating an occasion around your lunchtime. We promise to bring you food that facilitates the production of your neurotransmitters so that you feel relaxed, energised and satisfied rather than guilty and greasy after your meal. We pledge to support you in all your nutrition and health endeavours, through carefully selected menus and seasonal produce. We will offer you the latest in nutritional technology to help you track your food and fitness while providing you with healthy options every day that you eat with us.
In a nutshell – we promise to feed you happy in every sense of the occasion. We are small, but we are a happy bunch with a goal to bring a smile to the face of everyone we feed. If you would like to know more about how we can feed you and your colleagues happy, click here.